Fiberglass is our preferred choice of resurfacing, adding structural strength and eliminating any cracks or leaks in your pool shell. Fiberglass, by curing, becomes a smooth, dense, non-porous lining material. It can eliminate cracks, leaks, algae, staining, rough surfaces and high chemical usage while it deflects dirt and grime. Fiberglass provides longevity, ease of maintenance, less chemical usage and a smooth, non-porous surface which allows you to spend less time on maintenance and more time relaxing and enjoying your pool.

  1. The substrate is first prepared by repairing any cracks or despondent areas and cutting niches at all termination points on the pool surface. We then grind the plaster surface of the pool removing any loose material.
  2. Next we apply the sealer coat. This is a resin coat that seals the porous plaster enabling the fiberglass to adhere to the substrate.
  3. Then we apply the actual fiberglass laminate, the resin and glass layer rolling the fiberglass to conform to the pool substrate eliminating any voids.
  4. While we are rolling out the laminate another resin barrier coat is sprayed on the pool and worked into the fiberglass laminate. This resin barrier coat eliminates porosity in the glass and seals the fiberglass.
  5. Next, we remove any sharp points and trim our niches with a grinder. Once the niches are prepared, resin putty is applied to provide a watertight seal.
  6. Finally, the 30 mils high-build topcoat is applied. Our topcoat is an iso-polyester, corrosion grade barrier, which is UV stabilized to prevent damage from the sun. The texture of the topcoat is smooth but textured like an orange peel. Glass beads are also applied to the steps to provide a non-skid surface. Our topcoat may also be enhanced with many color options and as well as the addition of new ceramic tile and tile accents.
spraying fiberglass wqith chopper gun (Small)

We can transform any type of pool by resurfacing with fiberglass, eliminating, cracks, leaks, staining and high chemical usage.

Vinyl Liner Resurfacing

We can turn vinyl liner pools into fiberglass lined pools, which eliminates any leaks. See below for an example.

After removal of liner.. showing installation of polaris line

Commercial Plaster, Vinyl Liner & Gunite Resurfacing

We can resurface Gunite, Plaster, Vinyl Liner pools with a fiberglass lining for commercial industries needing it.

Port Royal_Before
PR after FG_tile_deck

Residential Gunite Resurfacing

We can resurface gunite pools with a fiberglass lining for residential customers also.


Fiberglass Resurfacing

We resurfaced the fiberglass pool, added tile, hand rail and resurfaced the deck for a beautiful updated new look!