Swimming Pool Renovation Specialists

To get your creative juices flowing here are some ideas for your pool and back yard renovation:


Resurfacing an in-ground concrete pool restores beauty and comfort to cracked or roughened surfaces and extends the pool’s functional life.  Call to schedule a site visit so one of our design professionals can help specify the product that will make your pool look like new.

Add a Water Feature?

Installing a waterfall or fountain will bring the relaxing sound of moving water to your outdoor environment, creating a focal dramatic focal point.  Water features provide a dynamic addition to an otherwise plain pool.

Add a Beach Entry/ Tanning ledge

Installing a tanning ledge can serve a dual purpose creating an inviting area to sun with cool water surrounding you and as a splash pool for small children.

Add a Hot Tub?

Envision coming home from a hard day at work and dipping into a relaxing soothing soak with the therapeutic jets massaging all your tension away.  We can install in-ground hot tubs or above ground and blend into your surrounds.

Install New Tiles?

Selecting an updated style from our vast selection of choices can make the most dramatic improvement for the best value.  Just like new countertops transform the look of a kitchen your new tile will put the dazzle back into your pool.

Enhance your surroundings?

Consider resurfacing your old tired deck by taking dated, cracked or stressed concrete and applying a thick overlay with a new stamped or textured finish. Adding a new stone patio or fire pit can change the dynamic of using your outdoor space all year long.  Create your dream barbeque outdoor kitchen that will be the focal point of many family gatherings.

Consider New Lighting?

Lighting adds elegance, beauty and serenity to your poolscape, while also enhances safety.   Fiber optic lighting adds a subdued tone to the surrounds subtly accenting your water or landscape features. Add long-lasting color-filled LED lights that can create striking color to your existing pool and add enjoyment to parties.

Think Technology?

Upgrade your sanitization with salt chlorination system for a low maintenance, sparkling, healthier swim.  New automation systems now make operating pool equipment easier than ever, letting you control lighting, heating, and cleaning with the touch of the button or with your tablet or smartphone.  Adding a heater or solar cover can extend the swim season improving both functionality and efficiency.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to do everything at once. Pool renovations can be done over several seasons, allowing you to make the improvements and fund your investment at a pace that works for you, safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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